I understand global in a way no one else does.


  • I am on the founding team of the Global Student Council, from the initial brainstorming, to the follow-up discussions, to its ratification at all three campuses. No one understands its vision as well as I do.

  • I've been to New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, and have extensive connections at each NYU campus, both with students and university leadership.

  • As President, I've talked and Skyped regularly with NYUNY and NYUAD, so I have a unique understanding of the GNU landscape.

  • The experience I've gained this year from leading our Student Government and collaborating with NYUNY and NYUAD make me a uniquely qualified Global Vice President.

Don't just take my word for it:

Mariam Ehrari

"Kenny's done an outstanding job by balancing the diverse needs of your student body, especially in its inaugural year. He clearly understands the needs of the student body and puts them above his own. I think he will serve not only NYU Shanghai well, but the entire GNU, as the NYU Shanghai Global Vice President."

Mohammed Omar
President, NYUAD SG

"During the time we spent forming the Global Student Council, Kenny’s work ethic and vision really prevailed. I haven’t a doubt that he will succeed in continuing to play a fundamental role in the implementation of this ground-breaking initiative."

Corey Meyer
Vice President, NYUAD SG

"Working with Kenny on global initiatives has been incredibly rewarding. His dedication, insight, and approachability will enable him to be an asset to the shaping of the governance of NYU's Global Network."

My goals letter:


As President this year, I have been collaborating with the NYUAD and NYUNY Student Governments to develop the Global Student Council (GSC), which I hope to continue next year in a more focused capacity. Since February, we have been meeting weekly via Skype to develop and ratify the foundational pieces of the GSC.

1) I want to establish not only the structure of the Global Student Council, but also the ways this new entity interacts with the existing Student Senators Council and the entire University Senate. The GSC will play an indispensable role in GNU-wide decisions made by John Sexton and the NYU leadership. With my experience in writing the GSC charter and connections at all three NYU campuses, I believe I am the best person to establish these systems to make the GSC a successful reality.

2) I want to inspire a global mentality within our community. Although we are living in Shanghai and can spend three semesters abroad, the "global" aspect is not something that we see, hear, or think about on a daily basis. Therefore, I want to build channels for students to meet other students around the world, and promote cross-campus initiatives. I've had the extraordinary privilege of traveling to Abu Dhabi twice for conferences this year, and I want to increase these kinds of global opportunities for our student body.

3) I want to help inaugurate the study away program for NYU Shanghai, to maximize our opportunities and enhance our global experience for when our doors to the world are opened.

Thank you, and good luck to all candidates!

Kenny Song

Let's really place NYU Shanghai on the map.

It's time to go global.